Sustenance Engineering

Sustenance engineering Service helps enterprises sustain their products in the market. Our Sustenance Engineering team has proven the on time and high-quality deliveries at lesser costs and time compared to the market rates. We have a well defined and stringent quality processes that we strictly adhere to. Our governance models are built on mutual agreement between our teams and the client teams. We have a clear escalation and communication plan, with the necessary configuration tools that help us minimize sustenance costs. We have mature processes and effective risk management strategies to offer. We have been successful in reducing the overall workload, based on reduction of management overheads.

Our suite of services under sustenance engineering comprises of the following core activities:

24*7 & L1/L2/L3 Command Centers

At our command centres we have teams working on multiple projects and they use automated tools to monitor every activity related to the products. We help in implementing industry best practices into your environment. We create a customized solution roadmap so that you can achieve quick, safe, and highly sustainable results. With tools and automation combined with well defined frameworks, methodologies, and technologies, we help enterprises to execute and successfully deliver increased ROI in a short time limit.

Production Support

In this service we focus on or receiving incidents and requests from end-users, finding detailed information about the requests from our knowledge source. We then analyse these issues and either respond to the end user with a detailed solution or transfer it to the other IT teams if there is no work around found within the stipulated time frame. These teams may include developers, system engineers and database administrators who do a root cause analysis and provide a workable solution to satisfy the users, resolve the issues and then the tickets are closed.

Release And Change Support

We leverage Release Management tools and change support tools to efficiently co-ordinate with our teams and ensure smooth release cycles with less friction. We are able to measure the effectiveness of quick fix patches for customers to using such tools. We have a proper release management plan and change management plan that is built for every project and we follow the plans to achieve desired results.

Middleware Support

With proven expertise we offer application middleware support services which focus on addressing the middleware related issues. We provide middleware support operations, automation, integration, middleware capacity management, performance management. We also provide middleware security management, transformationand consolidation services backed by tools and methodologies for the success of all our engagements

Product Modernization

We have rich and extensive experience in product modernization, migration re-architecture and re-engineering of complex software products still continuing to run on the older or legacy platforms. We have worked on product modernization assignments spanning across manyleading development platforms, viz. JEE and .NET, and also on a number of operating systems, databases and large legacy applications on JEE-based servers.

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