Software Development

Smarter solutions for smarter products: embedded software development services for the entire product lifecycle. Our global capabilities, multi-location resources and well known practices can provide the right foundation for software development model- a model that will help clients to meet the challenges of a smart-service world successfully and with confidence.

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Product Lifecycle Management

Our team of domain experts is well versed with the product development life cycle. We have been successful in developing commercial grade products for the markets worldwide.

User Experience

Today, smart organizations have realized the importance of the end-user experience of their IT applications has a profound impact on their business.

Product Transition & Rapid Prototyping

Product transition focuses on the activities required to place the software into the hands of the users. Our approach to rapid prototyping is to quickly makeup the future state of a system, be it a website or application, or a product and cross checking or validating it with end users and stakeholders.

Customization & Integrations

At Parkar Consulting , we understand custom software development and the need for it. Whether you need to enhance or fix your existing software application.

Quality Assurance

Parkar Consulting has been managing many projects in various verticals across industries that were setup where software testing was a major part of the development of the application.

Sustenance Engineering

Sustenance engineering Service helps enterprises sustain their products in the market. Our Sustenance Engineering team has proven the on time and high-quality deliveries at lesser costs and time compared to the market rates.

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