Infrastructure Convergence

The proliferation of IT sprawl in data centers has contributed to rising operations costs, reducing productivity, and stifling agility and flexibility. Maintenance and operations can consume two-thirds of an organization’s technology budget, leaving just one third of the budget for new IT initiatives. This ratio prevents IT from supporting new business initiatives or responding to real application demands. The solution to the problem is the implementation of a converged infrastructure which addresses the issue of architectures and IT sprawl by pooling and sharing IT resources. Rather than dedicating a set of resources to a particular computing technology, application or line of business, converged infrastructure creates a pool of virtualized servers, storage and networking capacity that is shared by multiple applications and lines of business.

Cloud Application Migration

We break the traditional approach to Cloud migration within your enterprise which avoids duplication of cloud migration and accelerate “Time to value” for cloud migration projects. Our consultative approach also gives better visibility of investment.

Public cloud application With AWS Implementation

Along with strong partner ecosystem with leading Cloud providers, we provide Amazon Web Services (AWS), for Public cloud application development. Amazon’s AWS is leading the market for public cloud implementation for almost 57%.

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