For today’s globally connected enterprise, it is critical that all the applications be integrated to help you connect your business across geographical boundaries. Mobility has quickly become a technology that most of us, be it in our personal lives or professional careers, can’t live without. It has become a necessity to keep up with the dynamic changes around. Mobility has the potential to bring about disruptive change in nearly every industry and is showing its appearance and effects on almost all areas of life.

Mobility is the very essence of this society and technology.

At Parkar we consider that Mobility can be leveraged to create innovative solutions that generate entirely new business models and user experiences. We emphasize on co-innovation, speed to market and business transformation via our mobility solution offerings.


Here we assist our clients in establishing their mobility objectives, defining their mobility strategy, create roadmaps and ascertain the optimal solution(s) and/or development approaches. Our Mobility portfolio of offerings, combined with our partnerships across the Mobility Ecosystem and our Mobility team of experts, help clients implement innovative solutions across multiple platforms and devices.

Mobile Application Development

We develop the latest, customized mobile apps using cutting edge technologies to deliver a long lasting customer experience and true business value at optimal costs and investments from your side. Leveraging new technologies, the Parkar Consulting Group team drives state of the art solutions, re-usable components, latest methodologies and tools to provide the highest level of mobile application transformation to clients. Our mobile application development service accelerates the build and rolls out of high-quality business applications driving your business efficiency.

Mobile Application Testing

The mobile apps developed by our team of experts, need to be tested thoroughly. We have a specialized team of experts who have hands-on experience with various mobility testing tools and have generated reliable outcomes to live up to customer expectations. To ensure that mobile applications work as intended and satisfy demanding user needs, we leverage innovative and cloud-based testing solutions that make testing easy and cost-effective. Our mobile testing services span across Usability testing, Compatibility testing, Interface Testing, Services testing, Low-level resource testing, Performance testing, Operational Testing, Installation tests as well as Security Testing with the usage of the latest testing tools available in the market.


Parkar offers product lifecycle sustenance engineering services that provide scale to manage products which in turn would help your team to focus on product innovation and development, while we take care of the maintenance and sustenance of the product thus providing you added cost benefits.


Our mobile analytics service can optimize the mobile experience for your customers, and improve your cross-channel marketing initiatives too.Mobile analytics help to measure all the critical aspects and mobile metrics across mobile apps and platforms. These metrics, in turn, provide the insight you need to determine how mobile really contributes to your business. With analytics, you can understand the frequent usage patterns of mobile apps and various other unseen details. As a result is there is a clear understanding of mobile app engagement to help make data-driven decisions that are profitable. Mobile Analytics at Parkar provides unlimited opportunities and in-depth view of the mobile trends to our analysts and marketers empowering them with incredible power.


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