Market Automation

“Streamline your Marketing Department by & achieve great operational efficiency through Marketing Automation”

We cover a broad range of automation and analytics tools for marketing especially inbound marketing. It helps the clients to streamline sales and marketing by replacing repetitive and manual processes. We make use of Marketing Automation as a platform so that marketers can plan, manage, coordinate and measure all their marketing campaigns, whether online or offline.

Campaign Management

Our marketing campaign management servicesare intended to build brand image, increase brand awareness, attract new customers, retain the old ones and develop product awareness by giving the relevant information for prospective customers. Our Marketing campaigns gain momentum as we utilize a unified platform for multichannel campaign delivery. With planned and designed marketing campaign management and use of automated tools and platforms we have been successful in launching many multichannel campaigns.

We have tools and platforms that include a campaign scheduler, calendar, a reporting framework for customizing reports, lead & list management, advanced segment targeting.

Omni Channel Integration

It is a multichannel approach to sales where we strive to provide our customers with a seamless online experience whether the customer is online via a device, laptop, desktop, or any other means of communication. A critical aspect of Omni-Channel experience is to understand the customer and contextualize the customers buying experience. This is possible only if retailers have a common CRM system that offers a common view of all their customers, irrespective of the channel of engagement. We recommend that there should also be a common loyalty program applicable for transactions made across channels.

Customer Analytics

Interactive sections where we can Track the behaviour and search patterns of any prospect who is looking for similar services that are being provided. It is capable of tracking which social media group/website/page they follow, search keywords they use on the internet and multiple link analysis to track the buyer behaviour. This helps to create more customer oriented service and targeted marketing options.

Automation And Managed Services

We offer automation and managed services for budgeting, planning, workflow management and approvals, marketing calendar, internal collaboration, digital asset creation and management. The system builds effective and relevant content, design and coding for email marketing, landing pages & forms. Also includes the automation of campaign and lead management, Prediction/Scoring, social media integration

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