Data Models

Data models consist of structure, manipulation and integrity aspects of the data stored in data management systems such as relational databases. The prime objective of data models is to maintain the development of information systems by providing the definition and format of data.

Parkar is working with the clients to build a complete data modeling solution right from conceptualizing to the physical execution of data models.

Building models of large data environments are an effective way to improve system health and accelerate project delivery.PCG’s dimensional data modeling solutions can help your organization to take benefit of data modeling techniques to build logical data models and physical data models for your projects. Our consultants are experts in building dimensional modeling, hierarchical modeling for XML, and entity relationship model.


  • Organize and co-ordinate your informational assets into an enterprise data model.
  • Create a standard vocabulary, which both IT and the business can use to communicate more effectively.
  • Develop data modeling solutions that projects can reuse to accelerate the process and improve project quality.

Our data modeling services include –

ETL Tools: PowerCenter Informatica, Pentho Data integration, Oracle Data Integrator (ODI).

ER modeling: Strong and experienced modeling services for multiple databases such as Oracle, MongoDB, and Greenplum that build the legacy systems of organizations.

Business modeling: Modelling and re-modelling services that use powerful BI tools and KPI-driven dashboard such as Tableau, Pentaho, Micro strategy for better decision making and create open bus architecture to support future business requirement. It enhances agility in business with data models that can track changes in business scenario also providing the smart and logical representation of subject areas, figures, and facts from current and historical business transactions.

Our other supporting services for data modelling–

  • Database Security and Disaster Recovery
  • On- Call DBA Support
  • Data Migration
  • Database Programming

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