Data Integration

Parkar has been helping companies achieve high performance through effective data integration solutions. Our deep industry experience, robust technical capabilities, and an unrivaled track record combine to create quality data management solutions for our clients.

Data Integration becomes an essential tool for leveraging the power of raw data. Data Integration assimilates data from heterogeneous sources and in disparate formats to provide a unified view to business users.

Parkar helps companies address the following:

  • Data Explosion
  • Different Views of Raw Data
  • Effective maintenance of data sources
  • Basic data to drive various data initiatives.

Data Integration Enablement

Handling of emerging Data Integration requirements of high volume batch services, real-time services, unstructured data, Big Data and appliance solutions. Optimizing Data Integration infrastructure by using the appropriate integration components in the overall architecture. Parkar’s data integration solutions help you understand, cleanse, monitor, transform and deliver data so you can be sure the information is trusted, consistent and governed in real time.

Data Integration on Cloud

Our Data integration of cloud can connect your own premise enterprise systems and the cloud environment by moving data in bulk or as real-time transactions across geographies and heterogeneous systems. These capabilities not only support ongoing data movement and ensure timely data access between systems, but also the initial consolidation effort to cloud databases. It also enables you to support scenarios such as data exchange between on-premise solutions and cloud-based solutions, provision non-production environments supporting rapid deployment. Makes data more robust and of high quality.

Data Integration Competency Centre

Standardizes Data Integration across your lines of business. Our Shared Services Competency Centre drives standardization and helps reduce lead time to implement Data Integration solutions. We help you reduce overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through higher consistency and efficiencies of scale. In addition, we also help increase the value of data through unified systems. Bringing disparate datasets together we increase the value of the information.

Data Integration Administration and Performance Optimization

Ensures better efficiency in managing the Data Integration environment in terms of alignment with business, optimal hardware, software, optimized costs and people. Integrating data from different formats adds various levels of specialty to the dataset.

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