Our Expertise

Parkar Consulting offers a full suite of Product Engineering, Cloud Computing, Analytics and Digital Transformation solutions to help our clients solve some of their most complex and niche business challenges.



Our Software Development Services provide not only the embedded system and industrial connectivity needed, but also the product support services to help you achieve faster innovation and time to market, more reliably and at lower cost.We can support and tailor development services to fit your business. Our team of professionals can provide with all the essentials to support a conducive environment.



With working experience in mature technologies and strategic thought leadership in advanced and untapped and emerging areas, our team of experts at all levels, are always eager to assist in implementing big data technologies that are required to cater to all data management needs. Data Services enables you to forecast customer demand and make quick and accurate decisions.



Our core approach lies in collaborating with our customers to develop and implement their digital practice by leveraging social, mobile, advanced analytics and marketing automation. To keep pace and excel in the Digital world, enterprises needs to excite customers and keep them engaged with novel solutions and apps. Our digital experts help companies across all industries, regions and growth stages to determine not what digital will do with them, but what they will do with digital technology.



The solution to the problem is the implementation of a converged infrastructure which addresses the issue of architectures and IT sprawl by pooling and sharing IT resources. Rather than dedicating a set of resources to a particular computing technology, application or line of business, converged infrastructure creates a pool of virtualized servers, storage and networking capacity that is shared by multiple applications and lines of business.

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