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To create a foundation for an extensible business intelligence architecture that can meet the current and foreseeable needs of the internal users. A solution that is scalable to meet the demands of future mergers. A single source of truth for the report of various internal departments like Sales and Finance.


The client is one of the key players in the healthcare consumer products. They have wide variety of products that are being used in the area of healthcare


  • Data for analysis is not readily available as it is heavily dependent on IT engineers to extract the data before running analysis.
  • Data is from multiple sources that need to be collected all at once to have a sync between the data systems
  • Decisions based on data is difficult as the data spans across heterogeneous systems like CSV files, Mainframes, and distributed database
  • The Goal is to have a single source of truth for the entire data that flows into Sales, Finance and Marketing teams
  • A dynamic report engine is required where any business user will be empowered to generate reports on his own without having any dependency
  • A flexible architecture to support future mergers with a little help from IT teams.


Parkar architected the Date Warehousing solution to extract the information from the transactional systems spread across the heterogeneous system and collate them into a single data warehouse database. The solution is primarily using Microsoft BI suites and Power BI for self-serve BI for advanced users.

Parkar implemented the solution using the proven Agile methodology on various stages of development and delivered the solution continuously than keeping the customer to wait till the entire implementation is complete.


  • Uniform, standardized and complete data in one place.
  • Substantial improvement in reporting in terms of speed as well as possibilities.
  • Access to historical data.
  • Improved security – possibility to define access rights.
  • Enablement of time comparison reporting, such as Month-over-Month and Year-over-Year.
  • Fully developed robust ETL and backend processes enabling the client to accommodate the data from the acquired companies ( Mergers & Acquisitions)
  • Scheduled and Conditional dashboard delivery.

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