about the meet-up

It is with great pleasure that Parkar Consulting & Labs, in collaboration with xScion Solutions, announces its first Blockchain Meetup where we will “live stream” across 2 cities: Pune, India & Washington DC, USA. With our first of its kind meet-up, we will focus on Blockchain 101 for Blockchain agnostics.

PARKAR & xScion

As an incubation project by Parkar Labs; we’ve dived deep into evolving with niche technologies that solve major industry problems and impact the way businesses succeed. Developments on the BlockChain adoption front are moving rapidly in Healthcare, Finance and Education; with Parkar’s BlockChain expertise and xScion’s deep domain knowledge into these sectors; this collaboration will enable clients to make confident decisions on BlockChain adoption.

learning outcome

At the conclusion of this meet up, attendees will understand the basics of BlockChain and think BlockChain disruption to Businesses. Attendees will also be issued participation certificates on a BlockChain platform accessible on Parkar’s website.

what’s next?

What will follow: a follow up meet up which will deep dive into one of the emerging Blockchain platforms and use cases! Stay tuned to know more!

about Parkar Consulting & Labs

A boutique Management & Technology firm, Parkar’s expertise is spread across various domains such as Product Engineering, Cloud Computing, Analytics, & Digital Transformations solutions. Accelerated by a culture of innovation and driven by the digital era, Parkar Labs’s unique approach and ever evolving methodologies, are for businesses that believe in reimagining the future.

about xScion Solutions

xScion Solutions is a SMART strategy and technology consulting firm that accelerates innovation to transform how businesses perform. xScion provides Strategy, Data and Enterprise consulting services and innovative solutions for healthcare, financial services and education industries.


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