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The client is a leading internet backend services provider with various portfolios and services spread over the space of Internet Registry, Telecommunications, and DNS Infrastructure


The client has over 15 years of industry expertise in the domain name space and grown on every aspect of the domain name space.


Like every other successful business entity, our client has grown from small provider to a nearly 400 top-level domain extensions with 13 million domain names. Along with the growth, the client is also doing mergers and acquisitions. With the increasing number of TLD, the data processing takes more than 22 hours and the business reports they get is older than 24 hours or more. The client wants us to design and architect a solution to overcome such technological challenges, build a scalable and robust, also by reducing operating overheads.


Parkar came up with a phased approach to provide a solution. The solution was approached by migrating to one of the proven open source databases which gave faster results for the same set of data stored in another database. Along with migrating to a new database, we have also written an efficient ETL and Query which yield faster results than the earlier. The results are significantly high in performance and efficiency with an optimized operating cost


  • Reduced ETL time by 80%.
  • Number of issues reduced by 50%, relief to on-call support.
  • Improved reporting experience by publishing the reports on the same day itself.
  • Scalable for future growth in number of TLDs the client handle
  • Reduced the incumbent cost by 20%
  • Stream lining the product lifecycle using DEV/QA/DEVOPS best practices.

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