• Prosenjit Das, established leader in Global Talent Acquisition joins Parkar

    With dedicated years of experience leading staffing and recruitment in various IT Product & Global Delivery Organizations, Prosenjit Das joins Parkar Consulting & Labs to lead Global Talent Acquisition. In his new role with Parkar’s growing footprint globally; Prosenjit will play a key role in furthering human capital growth plans.

    Before joining Parkar as Director, Talent Acquisition; Prosenjit lead and drove the Talent Acquisition strategy for various organizations. Among his various stints supporting MNCs globally; Prosenjit lead the Talent Acquisition strategy for the businesses like Expedia, Sears Holding Corporation and Avaya. He was also responsible for the design of talent architecture, as well as talent supply chain. Prosenjit’s approach towards addressing any operational and strategic business challenges brings a rock-solid foundation to Recruitment Strategy. Prosenjit was also one of the few established Staffing Entrepreneurs invited to LinkedIn’s 5th StaffIN Entrepreneurs Round table held in Pune.

  • Kudos PCG’S Code Gladiators!

    2016 marks another year of success for PCG’s Techies at India’s National Hackathon. Last year, we had Biren Balu from IPI Team in TOP 100 at India level. This year, we have 2 folks: Amit Gandhi and Navin Theruvingal in Top 150 Developers at India level.

    National Hackathon is the biggest tech-contest to identify
    the best programmers and tech enthusiasts across India. With a
    participation of more than 80,000 T e c h i e s f r o m 2 0 0 p l u s companies, the contest has made it to the – Limca Book of Records.

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